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Non-Domestic Renewable Heating Incentive

Are You Still Compliant with the NDRHI Scheme?

Although the Non-Domestic Renewable Heating Incentive (NDRHI) scheme closed to new applicants on the 31st March 2021, many organisations are already enrolled in the 20-year scheme. To continue receiving these payments, businesses must remain compliant with the scheme’s regulations.

What is the NDRHI?

The scheme was introduced by the UK government to encourage the use of renewable heating technologies and reduce carbon emissions in the commercial sector. This was achieved by paying participants for investing in renewable heating technologies on a quarterly basis. The scheme aimed to increase the number of biomass boilers, ground and air source heat pumps, and solar thermal systems in commercial buildings across the UK.

How do I stay compliant?

Staying compliant with the NDRHI scheme is critical for businesses if they wish to keep receiving the payments from the Government. The scheme requires all participants to recalibrate payment meters and steam measuring equipment every ten years or following the manufacturer’s instructions if earlier. Failure to comply is considered a breach of obligations and can result in payment being terminated. This means that meters that were installed, replaced, or calibrated are on a maximum ten-year ticking clock.

To comply with the NDRHI scheme, it is necessary to recalibrate or replace meters within the recommended period. The scheme requires the following:


Meters must be sent to the original manufacturer or an independent testing lab. If meters are reset to zero, participants must provide date-stamped photos within 28 days and make an amendment to the NDRHI register. If the meter is not reset to zero, notification of recalibration is still required. Meter readings must be recorded before removal and after reattachment, with photographic evidence strongly recommended.


If meters need to be replaced, participants must provide a date-stamped photo of the replacement as soon as it is installed. An amendment request to the NDRHI register must be submitted within 28 days, and meter readings must be taken before removing the old meter.

Additional Obligations

In addition to recalibration and replacement, participants must comply with other measures to ensure adherence to regulations. This includes keeping all payment meters and steam measuring equipment operating continuously, properly maintained, and error-checked, and located in accordance with their accreditation conditions.

It is also necessary to keep evidence of meter recalibration or replacement, including invoices, receipts, or certificates for the duration of participation in the scheme.

Is it time to upgrade my meter?

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