The Government's Heat Pump Investment Roadmap
Heat Pump Investment Roadmap

The Government’s Heat Pump Investment Roadmap

A Key Step Towards Achieving Net Zero

The UK Government has set an ambitious goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050 as part of its commitment to combat climate change. As a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, the heating sector in the UK is a critical area that requires significant investment and transformation to achieve this target. In this regard, the UK Government has introduced the Heat Pump Investment Roadmap, which outlines a comprehensive plan to accelerate the adoption of heat pump technology as a sustainable solution for heating homes and buildings, and reduce carbon emissions.

“We’re providing £100’s of millions in support for businesses and consumers to bring more heat pump manufacturing to the UK. The UK will soon be one of the largest markets in Europe for heat pumps, boosting our energy security and helping us reach net zero.”

Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP – Secretary of State for Department
for Energy Security and Net Zero

What are heat pumps?

Heat pumps are a type of renewable heating technology that extract heat from the air, ground, or water, and use it to heat buildings. They are highly efficient and can provide both heating and cooling, making them a versatile alternative to conventional fossil fuel-based heating systems. The Heat Pump Investment Roadmap is a strategic roadmap that sets out the Government’s plan to promote the deployment of heat pumps across the UK, with a focus on innovation, investment, and policy support.

The Roadmap


One of the key elements of the Heat Pump Investment Roadmap is a commitment to innovation. The Government plans to invest in research and development to drive innovation in heat pump technology and bring down the costs of installation and operation. This includes supporting the development of next-generation heat pumps, such as hybrid heat pumps that combine the use of renewable energy with traditional heating systems, and large-scale heat pumps for industrial and commercial applications. The roadmap also highlights the importance of supporting innovation in the manufacturing and supply chain for heat pumps, including the development of domestic manufacturing capacity and the promotion of sustainable and low-carbon materials.


Another crucial aspect of the Heat Pump Investment Roadmap is investment. The Government plans to provide financial support to accelerate the deployment of heat pumps in homes, businesses, and public buildings. This includes a commitment to funding pilot projects to demonstrate the benefits of heat pumps, providing incentives for homeowners and businesses to install heat pumps, and exploring options for low-cost finance to support the upfront costs of installation. The roadmap also emphasizes the importance of working with industry partners and local authorities to identify and overcome barriers to investment, such as planning and regulatory challenges.

Policy Support

Policy support is also a key component of the Heat Pump Investment Roadmap. The Government aims to create a supportive policy environment that encourages the adoption of heat pumps as a viable heating solution. This includes revising building regulations to require the use of low-carbon heating systems in new homes and buildings, establishing minimum energy performance standards for existing buildings, and promoting the use of smart controls and heat networks to optimize the performance of heat pump systems. The roadmap also emphasizes the importance of engaging with stakeholders, including consumers, industry, and local communities, to ensure that policies are effective and responsive to their needs.

Skill Development

The Heat Pump Investment Roadmap also acknowledges the need for skills development and workforce training. As the adoption of heat pumps increases, there will be a growing demand for skilled workers who can design, install, and maintain heat pump systems. The roadmap highlights the importance of developing a skilled workforce through training and apprenticeships, and working with industry partners and educational institutions to provide the necessary skills and expertise for the heat pump sector. This includes fostering collaboration between industry, academia, and research institutions to promote knowledge sharing and skills development.

What This Means For The UK Heat Pump Market

The Heat Pump Investment Roadmap represents a significant step towards achieving the UK’s net zero emissions target. By promoting innovation, investment, policy support, and skills development, the Government aims to accelerate the deployment of heat pump technology as a sustainable and low-carbon heating solution for homes, buildings, and businesses. The roadmap sets out a clear vision and plan of action for the future of heat pumps in the UK, and highlights the Government’s commitment to driving the transition to a greener, more sustainable heating sector.

Where We Come In

While we welcome the Government’s plan to accelerate the rollout of heat pumps and other carbon-reducing heating technologies; businesses and other stakeholders within the renewable industry must invest in training and new technologies if we wish for the UK to become a world leader in green heating solutions. For almost 30 years, our highly qualified team have been designing, installing and maintaining renewable heating, power and water conservation solutions for new and existing buildings all over the UK.

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